Under Construction!

We're still under construction so pardon the dust!

A Work in Progress Please pardon our dust!

Whew! At this point the website is virtually finished except for the "About" page. I've made several starts on that but trying to encompass everything about EPMiata.Com, including the history of the car, the background on it's principles (TMD Racing and Cyberspace Automotive Performance), some information on exactly what the E-Production class is in SCCA road racing, well, it's a daunting task. But don't give up! There's plenty more here to see.

If you'd like to point out any errors or make any suggestions, please visit our Contact Page and drop us a line!

Recent Updates:

  • First two EPMiata Builder Tips on Website! Control Arm Install and Air Intake Design.
  • Plumbing & Hardware Page in Store (link)
  • Added still and video images of 7Jun09 Race to Gallery (link)
  • Fixed IE8/Chrome display problem and took "Under Construction" off home page.
  • Add EPMiata.Com to the CyberAuto Constellation (link)
  • Fix shopping cart to reflect addition of EPMiata Store (currently FastHyundai.Com)
  • Added Sale Page for E-Production '83 Celica and Trailer (Link)
  • Safety & Seating Page in Store (Link)
  • Oil System Page in Store (Link)
  • Intake Page in Store (Link)
  • Ignition Page in Store (Link)
  • Exhaust Page in Store (Link)
  • Engine Page in Store (Link)
  • Added new page introducing the new trailer (Link)
  • Electronics & Controllers Page in Store (Link)
  • Fuel System Page in Store (Link)
  • Cooling System Page in Store (Link)
  • Clutch & Transmission Page in Store (Link)
  • Added a picture of our new Ad to Sponsor Opportunity Page (Link)
  • This Page! (Under Construction)
  • New '08 PRI Show page in photo gallery (Link)
  • Sponsorship Opportunity Pages (Link)
  • Brakes and Wheel Components page in Store is ready (Link)
  • Body Kits page in Store is ready (Link)
  • Suspension page in Store is ready (Link)

Work To Be Completed:

  • About and History Pages (several!)
  • Miata Builder Tips Pages (need more!)
  • Put Painless Switches back in Electronics Page?